Monday, March 19, 2012

"Best experience of my life!" May 12 2011

Tingalayas was truly a retreat! The hosts, Jube and Maria were amazing, wonderful people who always wanted to ensure we were having the best time. The property is gorgeous; very rustic and true to Jamaica and the views are spectacular. After spending a week at Tingalayas, I felt refreshed and found myself recommending it to everyone I talked to. It was truly an amazing, one of a kind experience. Breakfast is taken care of in the morning. Maria's french toast is delicious! There are 3 dogs on the property that made me (a non-dog lover) fall in love. The interior and architecture of all the rooms is beautiful... my favorite being the showers in each of the bathrooms! The bungalows have their own distinct look and feel... homey, yet a nice place to get away! All in all, it was a great vacation spot if you're looking to have a chill, fun time in Jamaica. I wouldn't do it any other way (all inclusive resort or hotel) if I were to go back.

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