Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Couple from Calgary

WE WILL DEFINITELY BE RETURNING! I hope to book up the whole place with friends in a few years – for my 30th!

Jube, Debra, Boston, June, and David everybody was wonderful and made us feel completely at home and welcome. We felt like we got to know a little bit of the real Jamaica. We enjoyed our days of stress-free nothingness – just soaking up the good vibes that Tingalayas had to offer. We snorkeled off the cliffs everyday…which was so neat! And the food, where do I begin with Jube’s cooking – amazing! And the hammocks, wow, I am not much of a napper, but enjoyed more than a few in those hammocks. I added to the library and enjoyed a few books from there while I was down (great idea). The bikes are a great touch as we used them almost every day to get our patties and rum! David was so hospitable and so glad we could strike a friendship.

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