Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ali And Evan From Portland say:

Dear Lisa,

We are just settling back home in Portland after what can only be described as a magical stay at Tingalayas. We cannot thank you enough for accommodating us and opening up your sanctuary to guests. We had a wonderful stay from beginning to end, and found our time in the West End and Tingalayas to be the highlight of our vacation in Jamaica. In fact, we found ourselves not only wishing we stayed longer, but already looking forward to our next visit. Jube and Maria were wonderful hosts; we felt obliged to be in their company, and as chefs, honored to be able to taste some of their delicious cooking and share with them, some of ours. Whether dining on ackee fruit and scotch bonnet pepper sauce in the morning, or taking in a sunset and goat walk from your terraced oceanfront property, the entire experience felt completely unspoiled. In many ways, we felt our stay was meant to be. We felt an immediate connection with Jube, the other guests and the land, and it was an honor being part of the Tingalayas experience.

Ali and Evan came from Portland, Oregon where they live creatively, cooking all the while.
Here's a link to their blog, footbridge to the feast

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